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Jagatram Nivas


The Dhauladhar range offers trekking opportunities for novice and experienced trekkers alike. At Jagatram Niwas, we can arrange itineraries from one to seven days, including accommodation, bedding, meals, guide and porters.

Trekking Route Map
Heini to Triund in One Day (1,000 Rupees per person)

This trek begins with a steep half-hour climb through Rakar village and the surrounding deodar (Himalayan cedar) forests. A gentler hike follows, then a second steep climb to the peaceful hilltop plateau of Triund, where local shepherds tend their sheep and goats. Lunch is provided at an open-air chai stall, with stunning views of the Dhauladhars. The round trip takes seven to nine hours, and may be completed by horse at an additional cost of 1,000 Rupees per person, by prior arrangement.

The following longer treks cost 2,000 rupees per person, per day.

Heini to Triund in Two Days

As described above, this trek also includes an evening meal, prepared by your guide, one night’s tent accommodation, and breakfast. The trip is worth extending to two days, in order to view the spectacular sunset at Triund.

Heini to the Dhauladhar Snowline (three to four days)

Day One: Trek to Triund, as above (tent accommodation).
Day Two: A four to five-hour hike through forest and meadow. The majority of the climb is gentle, ending with a steep kilometer trek to the snowline. 2km further on, you will spend the night in a rock cave (thin foam bedroll included).
Day Three: Return to Triund (tent accommodation).
Day Four: Return to Heini.
This trek can be completed in three days, by either taking the round trip from Triund to the snowline, or from the snowline back to Heini, in one day.

Heini to Bharmour (seven days)

Day One: As snowline trek.
Day Two: As snowline trek.
Day Three: A steep climb over the Indraha pass (4,425m), below Moon Peak, the highest mountain in Himachal Pradesh. The remainder of this six-to-seven-hour trek takes you down to the riverside plateau of Chata (tent accommodation).
Day Four: A seven to eight-hour riverside trek, with one crossing, to the small village of Kuarsi, where you will spend the night in the temple ashram.
Day Five: : Another seven to eight-hour forest-and-river trek takes you to the resting point of Siour (tent accommodation).
Day Six: After a four-hour walk through forest and field, you will reach the town of Bharmour, home of the Churasi complex, which houses 84 Hindu temples. Accommodation is in a local guesthouse.



Day Seven: A taxi or local bus (prices additional to trekking fee) will take you through Chamba and Dalhousie on the six to nine-hour journey back to Heini.

We can also arrange shorter local treks (e.g. to  Gallu Temple and waterfall) and longer treks (e.g. beyond Bharmour towards the Lahaul Valley, or eastwards towards Manali) upon request.

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